Guide On Alternative Approaches In Data And Evidence Generation


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Guide on alternative approaches in data and evidence generation - UNICEF MCO - Covid-19 (005)-com.pdf

Over the last month all UNICEF programmes faced the challenge of continuing evidence generation activities under new COVID – 19 restrictions for travel and face-to-face interaction . Many already started using information technologies and remote data collection for planned activities or emerging COVID – 19 response
needs. This is a non-exhaustive guide on using innovative tools to collect data ‘contactless’ that aims to facilitate these efforts . Tools and approaches in this guide are presented by the type of data they collect: spatial, text-based and voice-based data. The guide highlights benefits, limitations and general conditions for implementing each method. It also shares a selection of examples on the use of these approaches from Mozambique and other countries. The guide will be updated as new information comes in given the fluid circumstances, this guidance is a ‘living document’ and will be updated, as needed, as the crisis unfolds.

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