Evaluation of Lessons Learned in Relation to the Regional Implementation Team for the Cerrado Biodiversity Hotspot

Opening Date: 18 March 2022
Closing Date: 10 April 2022, 24:00 hrs (U.S. EST)
Questions Due Date: 6 April 2022 (Questions should be sent to cepf@cepf.net.)
Submission: Proposals should be sent to cepf@cepf.net by the closing date.


The CEPF Secretariat intends to conduct an evaluation of the regional implementation team (RIT) of the Cerrado Biodiversity Hotspot to inform future involvement in the region. The RIT provides strategic leadership for the program, which is implemented in Brazil.

MAIS INFORMAÇÕES: https://www.cepf.net/grants/open-calls-for-proposals/2022-cerrado-rit-evaluation

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