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Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs): Learning from Africa, Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe and Middle East

 Autor: Anand Akundy, Nilanthi Bandara, Taiana Fortunato Araújo  Categoria: Aprendizado e Reflexões Sobre Avaliação, Biblioteca Digital, Meta avaliações, Reflexões sobre o campo  Editora: EvalPartners; UNICEF; IOCE  Data da publicação: 2013  País: Global  Idioma: Inglês  Copyright: Copyright Unicef 2013

This book is focused on case studies highlighting the experiences of regional and national VOPEs. They share their experiences in strengthening the capacities of individual evaluators to produce credible and useful evaluations, the institutional capacities of the VOPEs themselves, promoting equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations, and, especially, the roles VOPEs are playing to improve the enabling environment for evaluation in their countries