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Impact evaluations and development: Nonie guidance on impact evaluation

 Autor: Frans Leeuw, Jos Vaessen  Categoria: Abordagens e Métodos de Avaliação, Aprendizado e Reflexões Sobre Avaliação, Biblioteca Digital, Comunicação e uso de resultados em avaliação, Gerenciamento de implantação da avaliação, Gestão de Avaliação, Planejamento e desenho de avaliação  Editora: Network of Networks for Impact Evaluation (NONIE)  Data da publicação: 2009  ISBN: 1-60244-120-0  País: Global  Idioma: Inglês  Copyright: Copyright Network of Networks for Impact Evaluation (NONIE) 2009

This report provides a guide to evaluating the impact of a project or programme. Impact evaluation is about attributing impacts to interventions, and can play a key role in development effectiveness. No single analytical method is best for addressing all aspects of impact evaluations, but some methods have an advantage over others in addressing a particular question or objective. Different methods can complement each other to provide a more complete picture of impact. Impact evaluations provide the greatest value when there is an articulated need to obtain the information they generate.