Project: ALIMENTUM: Humanitarian Food Assistance for Venezuelan Migrants in Brazil

Locations: Roraima and Amazonas (implementation areas)

Application Deadline: 25/03/2022

Languages Required: Spanish, Portuguese & English

Project Short Intro: ALIMENTUM: Humanitarian Food Assistance for Venezuelan Migrants in Brazil, will assist 50,963 food-insecure Venezuelan migrants (12,740 families) in Amazonas and Roraima states by providing them with six monthly disbursements of $25 ($150 total per individual). This transfer will be done primarily through an electronic voucher (e-voucher) which can be used as a debit card to purchase food products through a national network of food retailers. 

Most distributions will be effectuated in Manaus and Boa Vista, which are the state capitals and population centers of Amazonas and Roraima, and smaller distributions will be effectuated along the Migratory Corridor of Roraima that stretches from the Venezuelan border in Pacaraima to the community of Rorainopolis, which lies just south of Boa Vista. Distributions will be disbursed in five cohorts (phases), the first of which is likely to include beneficiaries of the ANA intervention that are still in need of food assistance, based on experiences over three years of Food Assistance to this population. 

The e-voucher transfer modality will provide economic access to a wide variety of food options, and the convenience of a locally accessible, nationally dispersed food retail network. 

This evaluation would have three main purposes: 

The baseline study will seek to explore and gather information about the household demographics and food security status of Venezuelan migrants in the two targeted states of  Roraima and Manaus.  As a formative evaluation, it will seek to provide evidence to enable decision making.  Furthermore, it will provide a base against which to monitor and evaluate the progress, relevance, and effectiveness of the activities during implementation and beyond.  It will serve as the first step in the activity’s monitoring and evaluation framework.  

The external consultant will be provided with the datasets collected from the projects first three beneficiary cohorts collected by the project´s MEAL team.  Prior to consolidating all datasets and presenting the overall results in a baseline report, the consultant is required to carry out the following:

  • Clean, consolidate and analyze baseline data
  • Write baseline report for submission to donor 
  • Reorganize the survey questionnaire using an online platform such as KoBo ToolBox to improve the presentation of the dataset; 
  • Create an enumerators manual.

Evaluation Team Composition 

The consultant must have experience in evaluation and projects implemented in an emergency context. The final evaluation team will consist of a team leader, a technical coordinator, and a statistician. The team leader/Evaluation Specialist should have: 

  • Post-graduate degree in Development Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation, or food security interventions and nutrition. 
  • At least five years senior level experience in conducting surveys of similar programs in Latin America. 
  • Experience in leading and organizing assessment teams (training, field logistics, human relations, teamwork).
  • Extensive experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative evaluations/assessments and familiar with the non-profit sector.
  • Recent knowledge and experience with a statistical software e.g., SPSS.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of remote data collection methods (i.e., phone-based surveys, etc.).
  • Past related experience evaluating food assistance programs in an emergency context will be an advantage; (experience with donors like OFDA, USDA, FFP is also an advantage).
  • Experience in quantitative and qualitative data analysis; and
  • Excellent oral and written skills are required (Spanish, Portuguese & English).

Please contact ADRA for a Statement of Work and other relevant material to submit your technical and financial proposal.  

Contact for more information:

Telma McGeoch


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